Antti Törmänen nicht mehr EHCB-Headcoach

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Bekanntmachung des Clubs

Unser Headcoach Antti Törmänen wird sich in den kommenden Monaten ausschliesslich auf seine Krebstherapie konzentrieren. Eine Weiterführung seiner Aufgabe beim EHCB in der kommenden Saison ist daher leider nicht möglich.

Der EHC Biel wird in den kommenden Wochen über die Nachfolgelösung informieren.

Antti Törmänen:
„I would have never wanted to write this press release!

I am very sad to inform you that I have to withdraw from being a Head Coach in EHC Biel for the upcoming year due to cancer relapse.

I will have to continue on my chemotherapy treatment to the middle of September. After that I will still continue some other treatments year or two after that. Last time the recovery phase took me 7-8 months to be fully operative on the demand of Head coach position in NL A.

I am deeply sorry that I can't enjoy the journey with our tremendous group. I have been very lucky to have been able to be part of this group.

I really want to thank all of our players. With a lot of different characters and personalities you have broaden my way of thinking. Thanks also that you guys didn't t let my illness affect to your performance.

Chapeau. Thanks to you my job has been so much easier. It is a very difficult for me to leave you guys, sorry about that!

I want thank the whole coaching staff working together with me and backing up whenever needed. It has been a great pleasure to work with you guys.

My thanks also for the staff: Always being there for the boys and me!

Smile on your faces, you guys have made our job possible.

I have been a very lucky with such a great Sportchef. Stoney, you have believed in me, you have let me work in my way. I think the co-operation has been very warm hearted, respectful and nourishing for both parties.

And giving me the 2nd chance after my severe illness. I think that tells a lot about you.

Constant support from the office leading by Daniel, has been great all the time. Thank you !

I want to thank the Chairwoman and Chairman of the board and board of EHC Biel. You have make the club easy approachable, full of empathy and showing me also what is the great leadership. It has been a pleasure to co-operate, I have learned a lot.

I like to thank all our fans for the great support at the rinks. You guys have made our job so much easier with a great support. Thanks for all messages, tifos, songs and all other possible ways to support me throughout Switzerland after illness was public Very big thank you!

You all above had tried to make my decision more difficult to withdraw from the scene.

But now I have to think me, my health and my family. I will remember our journey and  support, that makes me fight even harder and come back as a winner on my own battle!!!

We will see at the rinks, smile and enjoy the game:)

BR Antti,

EHC Biel“

Daniel Villard, CEO:
„Der Entscheid von Antti ist komplett nachvollziehbar. Priorität hat seine Gesundheit und damit verbunden sein Fokus auf die Therapie. Antti bleibt ein EHCB-Familienmitglied und kann selbstverständlich auf unsere Unterstützung und Verbundenheit zählen“.

Oliver David verlässt den EHC Biel 

Assistent Coach Oliver David hat sich entschieden, die Aufgabe als Headcoach beim EC Red Bull Salzburg anzunehmen. Wir danken Oliver für seinen grossen Einsatz in den letzten beiden Saisons für den EHCB und wünschen ihm für seine neue Aufgabe viel Erfolg!